Citz wins at 2019 National Campaigner Awards

Posted on: 27 March 2019

Written by: Tom Davies

Cardboard Citizens won last night at the Sheila McKechnie Foundation's National Campaigner Awards - picking up the 2019 Best Digital Campaign award for Citizens Do.

Citizens Do was a people-powered movement to tackle homelessness and support those affected by it. During the 2018 tour of Cathy, we asked audiences what they as individuals could do to help people who were homeless. We encouraged audiences and others to sign up, and participants were then sent weekly actions inspired by our crowd-sourced suggestions. Citizens Do emails were illustrated by graphic activist Patrick Thomas (Protest Stencil Toolkit), and supported by individual causes and charities such as Crisis, Trussell Trust and Depaul.

The aim was to create a movement of people inspired to use their collective will to help end homelessness. 

Adrian Jackson MBE, Founder and Artistic Director of Cardboard Citizens, said:

As a theatre company which wants to do more than simply entertain, it’s very gratifying to have been recognised with this award. Citizens Do was a experiment to see how far we could go with an audience - having moved them with theatre, could we move them to action? And we did.

SMK’s Chief Executive Sue Tibballs said:

The SMK Campaigner Awards are a unique opportunity to celebrate some of the most inspiring, innovative and often courageous people who are speaking out to effect change. Our communities are fairer, safe, kinder and more tolerant as a result. Our thanks and congratulations to them all!

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