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While most of London was out waving their umbrellas at the Queen’s Jubilee Cardboard Citizens were scattered at airport arrival lounges across the capital ready to welcome learners from the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands.


Check out ACT NOW Member Fatu Mary Thorpe who performs her song 'Homeless' at The Sanctuary.

Fatu, who goes by musical pseudonym Sexy Choc, pays tribute to a variety of homeless services that help people in need.

16.03.12Adrian Jackson MBE

A thought for Augusto’s day, and vaguely in response to questions people have been asking about jokering, the role of the joker. Augusto was wonderfully himself as joker in workshops and performances, no point in others trying to imitate him in that, find your own joker and work on that.


NB: Last week, a group of Cardboard Citizens' Members participated in a 2-day masterclass on Verbatim Theatre techniques with playwright & director Philip Osment.

Last Friday, award-winning journalist John Pilger published a comprehensive essay in the New Statesman entitled 'The World War On Democracy'. John pays tribute to Lisette Talate, leading Chagossian activist who died two weeks ago, just as we were starting rehearsals.

I sat down with Adrian Jackson, writer and director of Cardboard Citizens' latest show A Few Man Fridays to chat about the process of making this ambitous project a reality and telling this very complicated tru


From the Sunday Times, 19th February, 2012:

"Adrian Jackson’s kaleidoscopic piece for Cardboard Citizens is a swirl of stories connecting different places and times, and slipping between fact and fiction.


Cardboard Citizens Associate Artist Terry O'Leary has been devising and directing with a group with experience of homelessness from the local community in Corby. You can read stories from the rehearsal room and beyond on the project's blog:


1.    So the tour is ending this week, will you miss it?


I joined Cardboard Citizens in Sep 2010, and here is the story of my time here so far.


Click here to read a fabulous review by Jo Caird from What's On Stage of our Showcase and City YMCA performaces of


After 7 straight days of forum I can easily say I was exhausted, but I would do it all again.