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Three Blind Mice

5 October - 16 December 2011

For information on our Showcase performances on 28th & 29th November click here.

Cardboard Citizens is back with another Hostel Tour! A professional theatre company that employs actors with experience of homelessness, we have been touring our shows in London’s hostels and day centres for the past twenty years.  This year we will be performing in more than 40 hostels and day centres around London, and we would love to bring our next show to your clients.


“The ladies talked about the show for days after.  They remember you from the previous year, and also remember the storylines.  Thank you all so much – you’re great!”  (Salvation Army Hopetown)


Our Hostel Tour productions are not typical theatrical performances:
•    All our actors have experienced homelessness
•    All our shows are based on the real life experiences of homeless people we’ve  worked with
•    We use Forum Theatre, an interactive style where audience members are encouraged to get up on stage and offer their own approach to the lead character’s situation.


“The whole idea of the project is fantastic, the stories are truthful and the acting really complements the play.  The Forum after was really empowering and entertaining.  Also, knowing that Cardboard Citizens’ organization provide so much more help is very good.  The help goes well beyond tapping the creative abilities of the audience.”  (Anchor House)


This year’s play, Three Blind Mice by award-winning playwright Bola Agbaje, will introduce three characters:  Sean, whose best friend is turning into his worst enemy; newly released prisoner Dapo, who is struggling to stay on the right side of the law; and Erica who is convinced the mice are controlling her thoughts. Three flats, three tenants, all trying hard to make their house a home. You’ve heard the saying ‘you can’t chose your neighbours’? Well, what if, one day you wake up and you find out it’s you who’s turning into the neighbour from hell? Who do you turn to for help and who do you turn away? 


“Brilliant performance!  The taking part is very important – it’s good to think around different problems.”
(240 Project)

The shows are also a great opportunity for your clients to find out about all the services offered by Cardboard Citizens for people with experience of homelessness: from accredited performing arts workshops, with opportunities to perform in public, to personalised advice and guidance, cultural outings and volunteering opportunities.

Book now to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to have Cardboard Citizens perform in your hostel this year! The show is free of charge, all we ask of you is:
•    That you can provide a performance space of at least 5 metres width / 6 metres depth / 3 metres between floor and ceiling
•    That you help us promote the show in order to reach an audience of at least 30% or 12 of your service users (whichever is the greater) – we will bring you flyers and posters.

If you have any questions or would like to book a performance please contact Mike Sells either by email or call 020 7247 7747.


Touring in hostels, day centres and prisons in and around London

Director: Tony McBride

Author: Bola Agbaje

Designer: Stephanie Johns

Musical Director: Nathaniel Reed

Stage Manager: Victoria Hambley

Project Manager: Mike Sells

Actor: Shara Ismail

 I have been with Cardboard Citizens for two years. I have appeared in productions of Mincemeat, Keep calm and Carry on, and Rough Pearl. I have also worked with Tamarind Theatre Company and Soulfire Theatre. I would like to continue using theatre to make social change.

Actor: Helen Donoghue

Cardboard Citizens came to my hostel and performed a show Or Am I Alone? I was instantly wowed by the similarities I was facing at that time in my life.

I was massively intrigued that the audience were allowed to intervene towards the end. I shouted ‘stop’ at a point where I felt I could bring change in that particular segment of the show. I was hooked and wanted more.

I went to the workshops of Tony & Terry’s and I knew I could gain a huge amount. Not really thinking of becoming an actor, it was purely for my self esteem.

I went on to take part in a charity auction evening hosted by Kate Winslet who is our patron. What an experience!

Actor: Jonathon Whitty

There is something special living in all of us. It just needs the right conditions to shine sometimes. I started acting when I was a small boy the first time I was given braces! My thumbs found their way behind them and in seconds I was pulling them outwards giving my impression of a fat policeman ‘Allo, Allo, Allo’.          

As life does, it threw some obstacles in my way and it wasn’t until I met Cardboard Citizens in 2010 that I was able to shine again. Since then I’ve acted for the National Youth Theatre, as an assistant in Adrian Jackson’s renowned Rainbow workshops, at the Lyric Theatre and in last year’s hostel tour Or Am I Alone? I love Shakespeare, I thrive on stand up and I’m a newly appointed father to a little boy Sean.

Actor: Andre Skeete

I have been working with Carboard Citizens for five years and have performed in three other hostel tours plus various other Cardboard Citizens productions. I have also performed with other theatre companies including Black Arts Productions, Pindrop Theatre and Playing On. I acted in short films and have also written and starred in a short film which is coming out soon.

Joker: Terry O'Leary

I’m the Associate Artist at Cardboard Citizens. Having been involved with the company for nine years I have Jokered many previous Hostel Tours including Going, Going, Gone, The Help, Led Easy and Or Am I Alone. I’ve also performed in a number of the company’s professional event theatre productions such as Woyzeck and Mincemeat. I teach Cardboard Citizens’ forum theatre workshops at Crisis and have also written and directed numerous productions including Peckin’ me Shed, The Wall and Audition of Dreams.

'I was amazed at how effectively the company used theatre as a tool to explore how the attitudes we live by and the decisions we make inform our situations.'

Jo Caird.

Untold Stories

Untold Stories

A look at last years hostel tour Or Am I Alone?

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“ The production’s manic energy is matched by an intensely discomfiting attitude to other people’s tragedies – in which we are complicit – and a breadth of excellent performances.”

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