5* Review for A Few Man Fridays

Posted on: 20 February 2012

Written by: Petia

From the Sunday Times, 19th February, 2012:

"Adrian Jackson’s kaleidoscopic piece for Cardboard Citizens is a swirl of stories connecting different places and times, and slipping between fact and fiction.

It starts with the tale of Prosper, a drifting soul who grew up in a Rasta commune in Stockwell and hears voices. As he cobbles together his past from sparse clues, the play takes us back to the cold war and the forcible deportation of the Chagos islanders from their Indian Ocean home by the British government between 1966 and 1973, to make way for an American military base.

The play has a keen sense of the ramifications for the powerless of deals agreed by the powerful over clinked glasses in clubs. The staging isn’t notably slick, but it has the daring sweep of Complicite’s Mnemonic and is almost as suspenseful as it is richly, hauntingly elegiac. MS"

(Maxie Szalwinska)

ps: A Few Man Fridays is running at Riverside Studios until 10th March. Book your tickets here.

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