Citizens Do: How much do you know about your MP?

Posted on: 14 June 2018

Written by: Charlie Marshall

It's week four of the Citizens Do and it's time to get to know the people in power... Here's the latest action:





We can't rely on petitions alone to demand Parliament to listen and make changes.  Now is the time to ask how much you know about your local MP.

Knowledge is power! This week we want you to research and act on it.

Check their vote record around homelessness, attend your first MP surgery, send them an email, tweet them and demand to know what they're doing to end homelessness in your area. Tell them to sign up to Citizens Do!

If you're feeling creative, get imaginative with your action. A letter with a drawing or photograph to demonstrate your point, might just get their attention. 

It's easy to become apathetic about politics but movements like this can lead to incredible change. Just look at our role in the Homeless Reduction Act.  And now, with the launch of Crisis’ new Plan to End Homelessness this week, is an important time to contact your MP, to get them to sign up to end homelessness.

There ain't no power like the power of the people. And Citizens Do won't stop. Let your local MP know that. 

We asked Ken Loach for this thoughts on this week's action and this is what he had to say:

"Homelessness is now worse than in Cathy’s [of his film Cathy Come Home] day. No surprise. It is the product of a market economy, where need goes unsatisfied if there is no profit. That is why we have luxury flats standing empty as investments when families have nowhere to live.

We need a planned economy, good council houses where transport, schools, health services and, above all, work are available. Organisations like Cardboard Citizens can play a part but above all we must demand that Labour reaffirms its commitment to the above. No back sliding. And get some MPs who will carry out the plan. ‎Only then will Cathy and Reg live in security.”

Let us know your thoughts using #CitizensDo or the Citizens Do online form here.


A request from Cardboard Citizens:

These are urgent times; we need you to spread the word.

Whatever actions you take across the next few weeks, please share them using #CitizensDo, or by posting on our forum page. You may think your single action is small or insignificant but it's not! Lots of small actions equal one BIG action, and by telling people about what you've done, you will inspire others. 

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