Citizens Do: This week we have a big issue for you...

Posted on: 28 June 2018

Written by: Charlie Marshall

This Citizens Do is a simple one... Buy The Big Issue.

You may already do so, but if not, could you stop and buy one the next time you see a vendor or even consider committing to making it a permanent weekly action? It’s a suggestion that has come up numerous times since we started Citizens Do and for good reason.

The Big Issue is the same age as Cardboard Citizens; both organisations were founded in 1991 in response to the growing numbers of people sleeping rough in London.

Since then the magazine has sold an incredible 200 million copies and employed 92,000 vendors. Today, for every £2.50 copy they sell, a vendor receives £1.25.

This may be a simple action but it's one that encourages us all to support an organisation who believe in helping people find their way out of poverty. And you can be a part of that.

Share your experiences and stories using #CitizensDo or by emailing us here.

A request from Cardboard Citizens:

These are urgent times; we need you to spread the word.

Whatever actions you take across the next few weeks, please share them using #CitizensDo, or by posting on our forum page. You may think your single action is small or insignificant but it's not! Lots of small actions equal one BIG action, and by telling people about what you've done, you will inspire others. 

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