Citizens Do: This week is the biggest action yet

Posted on: 05 July 2018

Written by: Charlie Marshall

This is the biggest Citizens Do action so far. Give a bed. 

We know many people may not be in a position to do this one, but it is a suggestion that came up time and time again from the Citizens Do collective so we had to include it. 

Citizens Do is about both actions and raising awareness so whether you can actively offer up a spare room to someone in need or just spread the word to others who may be able to, here's two organisations you should know about:

NightstopRun by Depaul, Nightstop is an incredible initiative that supports people with spare rooms to provide a bed for the night for young people who need it, in a moment of crisis. There are 30 services across the UK. Click here to find your local Nightstop

Refugees at HomeSince 2015, this organisation has made more than 830 placements, connecting those with a spare room in their home with asylum seekers and refugees in need. Click here to find out more. 

This action may be big but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Always make sure you go through an official organisation or charity and do your research beforehand.


"By volunteering for Nightstop I have met incredible women who have hopes and dreams and ambitions." 

Read Huffington Post's article about Depaul's initiative here.

“If you take the politics out of it, it’s just people, and we felt we could do something positive.”

Read The Guardian's inspirational read about sharing your house here.

"What makes people coming through the door feel welcome is that you’re ordinary. It’s not making a special thing about it, it’s just about making them feel at home." 

Read an account from a couple who have hosted more than 100 young homeless people here

A request from Cardboard Citizens:

These are urgent times; we need you to spread the word.

Whatever actions you take across the next few weeks, please share them using #CitizensDo, or by posting on our forum page. You may think your single action is small or insignificant but it's not! Lots of small actions equal one BIG action, and by telling people about what you've done, you will inspire others. 

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