Send our Members a Christmas gift

Posted on: 07 December 2016

Written by: Charlie Marshall

Cardboard Citizens is the first point of call for over a thousand people every year – young people and adults who have nowhere to turn, no place to go, no bed to sleep in, abandoned by society and in desperate need of our help and support.

Please help celebrate the kick off of the festive season this year by supporting Cardboard Citizens’ Christmas crowdfunding campaign.

This year we are raising money to support activities in 2017 for homeless and vulnerable people in London and beyond. Your donation could pay for someone’s lunch or cover the costs of a whole series of educational workshops.

Due to the fact that we are experiencing an unprecedented number of individuals coming to us in crisis with nowhere to sleep that night, we have also added the additional reward level of £60 to help provide emergency shelter – keeping someone off the streets in this freezing weather.

Please visit our crowdfunding page and pledge your support to help change someone’s life in 2017.

Your Christmas gift will help transform the lives of those affected by homelessness. Our beneficiaries don't want a hand out, but to be given a chance to re-build their life, to learn new skills, the confidence to believe in themselves, to have hope and aspirations for a brighter future. Your support will ensure we can continue to provide one-to-one advice sessions, creative workshops and help with employability.

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