Bystanders - Citz launches Citizens Do campaign for Fringe

Posted on: 01 August 2019

Written by: Tom Davies

As part of our time at the Edinburgh Fringe, Cardboard Citizens is encouraging our audiences for Bystanders, and the whole Fringe community to take action on homelessness in Edinburgh.

We wanted to do something about homelessness in our temporary home for August, and so we've unveiled a new version of our Citizens Do campaign, which previously accompanied the tour of Cathy and won the 2019 Best Digital Campaign award at the National Campaigner Awards.

Participants who sign up to support Citizens Do at will receive three daily actions ranging from the personal to the political, from buying a homelessness person a cup of tea, to signing a petition to call for the creation of a formal, unified approach to recording homeless deaths in Scotland.  We've worked with local and national organisations - including the Museum of Homelessness, Cyrenians and Crisis - to offer actions that can make a difference.

(Not in Edinburgh? Sign up and get creative to change things for the better where you live...)

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“Through signing up to Citizens Do, we hope our audiences can make a difference in Edinburgh, off-setting the impact of the Fringe on people caught in housing instability in the city. We hope that this campaign can inspire Fringe audiences to take small, achievable actions to improve the lives of some of Edinburgh’s most vulnerable residents, and perhaps be inspired to make a change in the cities and towns where they live.”
Michael Chandler, Director of Social Change, Cardboard Citizens 

“Cardboard Citizens do amazing work raising awareness of the tough realities of homelessness through their fantastic productions, with Bystanders promising to be an unmissable show this summer. We’re delighted that they’re using this opportunity and the considerable platform provided by the Fringe to give audiences a means to help those affected by homelessness. Join us by signing up to the Citizens Do Campaign and help make a real and lasting difference.”
Ewan Aitken, CEO, Cyrenians

“When some people are struggling, it has an impact on our whole society – and when people are dying because of homelessness, we know things have to change. That’s why it’s imperative that we all work together to end homelessness for good. The Citizens Do campaign inspires us all to take action – whether that’s stopping for a chat with someone sleeping rough and offering to buy them a coffee or sandwich, or tackling the root causes of homelessness. We know that homelessness isn’t inevitable – and together, we can end it once and for all.”
Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive, Crisis

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