Cardboard Citizens train staff at the Whittington Hospital

Posted on: 29 January 2015

Written by: Vicky Ream

Our Director of Projects, Tony McBride, has been working with a group from the Emergency Department from the Whittington Hospital.

Using our Forum Theatre training model, Cardboard Citizens actors were teamed with hospital staff to create four forum theatre scenes focusing on the issues faced by the Emergency Department. The main aim of the session was to explore how poor communication and attitude can impact on the patient experience.  These scenes were then presented to an audience of 30 other Whittington staff (from students, to consultants, to managers) sparking entertaining and quality debate.

Tony and the team received amazing feedback from the work, "A huge thanks for such an entertaining and thought provoking evening ! It was fantastic fun... I have never been to such a refreshing educational event.”.

Proof if we ever needed it, that our training works.

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