Cardboard Citz creates mental health concept album

Posted on: 08 June 2017

Written by: Charlie Marshall

This week Cardboard Citizens HQ has been taken over by a talented group of young performers who are creating a brand new concept album and theatrical project about mental health as part of the Islington Word Festival and you can see it performed live!

Working in collaboration with Lyrix Organix, Sound Minds is a project bringing together young performers and musicians (all of whom are NEET or have experience of homelessness) for two weeks of workshops in our rehearsal space exploring lyrics, music and mental health inspired by acclaimed musician Little Simz's Stillness in Wonderland album.

The Young company are busy at work developing content based on their own experiences and thoughts about mental health. They are working with a variety of artists to combine music, theatre, film and design using everything from writing exercises to sketching how they imagine their brains to look.

The result of two week's hard week will be Sound Minds Vol.1, which will be recorded at the Roundhouse Studios and will be available for download from 30 June. The EP will be performed live on 15 June at Platform as part of this year's Islington Word Festival. The performance will start at 7pm and is totally free. Visit Platform's website for full details.

Take a look below to see what the company have been getting up to so far (photos by Firdausie Taniya Kamal)...


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