Citz host arts for social change meeting

Posted on: 11 September 2018

Written by: Niamh Hicks

This September, Cardboard Citizens hosts our 'Arts For Social Change' meeting bringing together artists, campaigners and people with lived experience alike to ask:

How can art affect social & political change? And how can we work together to challenge perceptions?

We are at a moment in time - a period of social and political challenges, which is seeing an increased appetite for social change and desire to ‘do something’ amongst the arts sector. More social-political work is being produced now than in some time - the political galvanization of the youth music scene, the increasing amount of social-political theatre and movies, graffiti artists spraying political messages, and people from grassroots organisations to large charities are using more creative ways to powerfully illustrate their causes.

Arts and culture generally affects how we perceive this world we live in. We may never have another Cathy Come Home moment, where one piece of art has such substantial influence - but artists en masse have a unique and increasingly important role to play in social change.

Cardboard Citizens is excited to host this first 'Arts for Social Change' meeting, alongside the Sheila McKechnie Foundation and the Citz Young Storytellers, to invite together creatives and campaigners to explore this role we have. Through a series of workshops and presentations:

  • Cardboard Citizens will share our experience, using Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, of hearing and sharing people's stories, getting heard by the powerful, and involvement in legislative change and galvanising movements.
  • Sheila McKechnie Foundation will be taking us through what is social change and social power, and giving a crash course in creating campaigns.
  • We'll jointly be exploring what arts for political and systemic change is, and how creatives and campaigners can better work together.
  • We'll also be hearing about the exciting and powerful work from others, with presentations from Potent Whisper, On Road Media, Becka Hudson (Grime4Corbyn), CALM (Project 84), Season for Change and the international experience of Luc Opdebeeck at Formaat.

 A full agenda will be available closer to the day.

The event is at Citz HQ on Thursday 20 September. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (we're using the hashtag  #ArtsForSocialChange) for live updates from the event, and stay tuned for more information on the wider Arts for Social Change programme.