Here is the news... Cardboard Citizens experiment with Newspaper Theatre

Posted on: 19 February 2019

Written by: Tom Davies

Cardboard Citizens recently facilitated a two-day workshop experimenting with Newspaper Theatre, Augusto Boal's technique for exploring current events from a unique perspective.

Participants took newspapers from the days before the workshops on 21-22 January 2019 and created intriguing versions of the real-life stories that touched upon celebrities, materialism, and even the creatures of London waterways...


The performers were Errol McGlashan, Jake Goode, Jo Allitt, Jo Galbraith, Richard Honeyghan, River, Shara Ismail, Stuart Mullins, and Yvonne Wickham. Directed by Adrian Jackson and Sarah Woods, and produced by Clare Robertson.
Video by Therese Henningsen.