John Pilger on Chagos & Lisette Talate

Posted on: 24 February 2012

Written by: Petia

Last Friday, award-winning journalist John Pilger published a comprehensive essay in the New Statesman entitled 'The World War On Democracy'. John pays tribute to Lisette Talate, leading Chagossian activist who died two weeks ago, just as we were starting rehearsals. An exceptionally strong and intelligent personality key to the Chagossian's campaign to return to their islands, Mdm Talate was interviewed by Adrian for nearly 6 hours on his last trip to Mauritius and features as one of the main characters in A Few Man Fridays: "I didn't have to be told to smile. I was a happy child, because my roots were deep in the islands, my paradise. My great-grandmother was born there; I made six children there. That's why they couldn't legally throw us out of our own homes; they had to terrify us into leaving or force us out." Lisette Talate Cardboard Citizens will be dedicating A Few Man Fridays to her memory. John Pilger's award-winning 2004 documentary film on the Chagos Islands, Stealing A Nation can be watched on his website here for those interested in the background of the Chagossian story.


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