Live Streaming of Benefit, an international success!

Posted on: 16 June 2015

Written by: Vicky Ream

On 2nd June we teamed up with Pilot TV to live stream our latest production Benefit via our website. The aim was to make the show as accessible as possible and encourage more people to discuss the issues that the play raises.

The show was performed to a theatre audience at Cast in Doncaster while digital audiences tuned in on laptops, tablets and PC's across the world. Digital audiences were encouraged to interact with the forum just as though they were sitting in the theatre in Doncaster. People could discuss the issues and even suggest an intervention to be played on stage by the cast, all from the comfort of their own front room.

The event captured the interest of an international community of people who watched from 27 countries worldwide including Australia, USA, Sweden, Canada, Chile, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Germany and many, many others. We had a total of 508 people watching at any one time though we anticipate that many were watching together in groups so in reality the numbers could be even higher! 

You can see the twitter interactions on Storify.

Some comments from the website

“Watching from Australia at 5am in the morning. Thank you for live streaming and giving me the opportunity to watch a Cardboard Citizen show. I vote to see interventions on the first play. I learnt a lot about the UK welfare system and its inhumane policies.” - Sara

“Would be great to have people tuning in to the TV expecting 'Benefits Street' and getting Cardboard Citizens' 'Benefit'.” - Cat

"Hello from Birmingham, UK! I saw this at the mac and had to watch it again. It's completely different watching something being streamed. I liked the story of the couple and would love to explore that further." - Jess

“I think what you've done is a big step forward for making theatre more accessible.” - Comment from facebook


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Arts Council England Lottery funded