Meta documentary released

Posted on: 28 July 2016

Written by: Charlie Marshall

Take a look behind the scenes of our 2016 hit Forum Theatre show Meta by watching our brand new fascinating short documentary. 

Earlier this year we were funded by the Wellcome Trust to bring together a group of neuroscientists and artists to create a piece of Forum Theatre where science and art would collide to explore exactly what happens to our brain as we grow up.

The collaboration resulted in Meta, a funny and powerful piece that, with the help of students from the borough of Tower Hamlets and some ingenious theatrical staging, offered a revealing insight into the development of the adolescent brain. 

To help demonstrate the incredible journey Cardboard Citz went on from working with world class neuroscientists to the talented cast, all of whom were young people from our ACT NOW programme, we created this short documentary.

Watch the video above to hear from playwright Sarah Woods, director Tony McBride and the neuroscientists who made this important work possible and available to close to 3000 young people.