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The perspective of two of our Volunteers following from Chen Alon's remarkable Masterclass at Cardboard Citizens at the end of January.

20.01.14Terry O'Leary

You never know who is sitting in an audience. 


Thursday December 5th saw Cardboard Citizens take centre stage at The Speaker of Tower Hamlets’ Charity Christmas Ball.


I have had the immense privilege of taking part in the professional training workshop led by Adrian Jackson, Rainbow of Desires 1. It is not easy to sum up in a few words what those three days of intense emotional-theatrical work were, but I will do my best.


So first off apologies for not sending out an update sooner. The good news, however, is that we all made it to Amsterdam in reasonable comfort and without too many incidents! The ride itself was an incredible experience and one that I would definitely do again given the chance.


Michael Chandler has recently joined as the new Programme Director and Giacomo Brunelli will be volunteering for the company until March. Read on to find out about their past experience and what brought them to Cardboard Citizens.


The next instalment on Welfare Reform is on sanctions from the Job Centre.


This time of year is one of the most challenging for homeless people and those sleeping rough in particular.


The role of IAG Worker has recently kept me very busy trying to keep up with the raft of welfare reforms coming our way. As part of this, I’ve been keeping the staff team updated on the changes but it recently struck us that we really ought to be making sure you guys know the facts too!


We're proud to announce the success of our recent biennial gala fundraiser at Drapers Hall on 18th May. Hosted by Cardboard Citizens Ambassador Kate Winslet, A Night of Secret Beauty raised £147,200.

23.04.13Terry O'Leary

Last week Cardboard Citizens’ Glasshouse by Kate Tempest took to the road for a mini northern tour to Preston, Hull and Oxford.


Being the new girl in the office isn’t easy. Particularly when you know your time there is limited...and particularly when you are an American amongst Brits. For those I didn’t have the chance to meet, I am in my third year at The American University in Washington, D.C.