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29.10.18Niamh Hicks

My name is Georgie Stephanou also known as rapper and Spoken Word artist Potent Whisper. I believe that as an artist there is no creation more glorious or worthwhile than to create the world I want to live in.

23.10.18Tom Davies

Brendan Lyons from the Citz Storytellers attended the sounddelivery Being the Story event in Conway Hall - stories of inspirational individuals in the charity sector and beyond.

23.10.18Tom Davies

Clean Break - the theatre company working with women on stage, in prison and in the community - announced its 40th anniversary season yesterday, including a first ever collaboration with Cardboard Citizens.

23.10.18Tom Davies

Cardboard Citizens member Gordon Booker has been selected for the School for Wise Children, a training scheme supported by Emma Rice's company of the same name.

19.10.18Adrian Jackson MBE

At Cardboard Citizens we are as sad as much of the rest of the theatre universe at the death of Cic Berry.

09.10.18Tom Davies

Cardboard Citizens will tour a new Forum Theatre play by playwright Femi Keeling to hostels, prisons, day centres, refuges, and youth centres across London throughout November.

19.09.18Niamh Hicks

Cardboard Citizens will work with armed force veterans this autumn as we embark on our new residency in London. 

13.09.18Niamh Hicks

A piece by internationally-renowned Street Artist Stik will be auctioned at Christie’s this September to raise funds for Cardboard Citizens. Stik started painting his trademark stick figures in the streets of Hackney, East London in 2001 during a peri

11.09.18Niamh Hicks

This September, Cardboard Citizens hosts our 'Arts For Social Change' meeting bringing together artists, campaigners and people with lived experience alike to ask:

How can art affect social & political change? And how can we work together to challenge perceptions?

11.09.18Niamh Hicks

Did you know you can donate to Cardboard Citizens directly from your wages through your employer? 

28.08.18Niamh Hicks

Did you know there are a number of free ways you can donate to Cardboard Citizens? 

23.07.18Charlie Marshall

This week we will present Trespassers Welcome at the Abbey Theatre in St Albans; the result of a