Opportunity for arts practitioners

Posted on: 02 February 2017

Written by: Charlie Marshall

Between 20 February to 10 March, Cardboard Citizens’ expert Forum Theatre facilitators will be working with homeless young people and staff from Bristol Foyer and Gloucester Project to take part in a residency – a Citz Creative Hub – exploring the issues and barriers they face as homeless people in Bristol.

Likely issues to be covered and tackled in the project (based on initial feedback) include: Drugs and Mental Health; Anxiety, Loneliness and Isolation; and issues with Leaving the Care System.

The project will occur at Bristol Foyer, and the final sharing will occur on 10 March at the Wardrobe Theatre to an invited public audience, including friends, Bristol Foyer residents, staff, and influential stakeholders like MPs and the media. The project will lead to an embedded accredited qualification for the participants, an additional benefit for their personal progression.
We are inviting three to four local arts practitioners to shadow and observe the project, to build their understanding of Forum Theatre and how to work with vulnerable marginalised groups. This is with the ambition that we can then work and train those practitioners further in the art of Forum Theatre, and facilitate some ongoing offer to the Creative Hub homeless participants, such as workshops led by these locally based practitioners, and ensuring each project has a legacy.

If you are a local arts practitioner interested in being a part of the project, please email Michael Chandler at michael@cardboardcitizens.org.uk by 10 February.

For more information about similar projects Cardboard Citizens has worked on, watch the film below from a residency we did in Manchester.